Enabling Next Generation Products and Services

Our research and development services focus on aligning our clients' new products with market needs and emerging technological trends. We couple world class technical expertise with insightful industry research and competitive intelligence. We have proven highly effective at defining and realizing product roadmaps that expand revenue opportunity while maintaining alignment and synergy with core products and services. 

New Product Development

We partner with our clients to take concepts through development and into manufacturing.

Product Management

We develop and implement product lifecycle strategies to maximize customer value and business results.

Compliance Services

We help clients obtain product, process and system level regulatory compliance in the most rigorous settings.

Process Engineering

We define, prove, document and optimize manufacturing processes for new and existing products.

Facilities Planning

We help our clients to define manufacturing equipment, manpower and facilities requirements.

Product Launches

DCG partners with clients to plan and implement successful product launches to achieve maximum impact.